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An open source CMS designed for curation and syndication management, powered by NodeJS and NextJS


AndShare CMS

White Paper & Alpha Demo

August 28th 2023

AndShare CMS is an open-source curation and syndication management application that can be locally (or remotely) hosted.


The ALPHA RELEASE of AndShare CMS demonstrates the current state of the application prototype in hopes of gaining positive feedback from the greater community regarding the use case and market viability of the AndShare CMS platform.

This whitepaper will teach you about the AndShare CMS, and its framework of extendable curation sensors and syndication models.

At the end of the whitepaper you will be offered to join the beta waiting list as well as complete a survey that will help guide next steps for beta release and, finally, a publicly consumable release candidate.

AndShare CMS ALPHA White Paper

The AndShare CMS is a developer-friendly open-source CMS that helps network managers curate, format, and syndicate content across a wide network of distribution targets.

Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest, usually with the intention of adding value through the process of selecting, organizing, and looking after the items in a collection or exhibition.


We are all content curators, in our own way….

As individuals, community managers, and business administrators we curate and syndicate the content we care about to the people we care about.

We use tools like Twitter (X) , Facebook, Pinterest, RSS Readers and Discord to both organize as well as share information.

When we share, we tend to use hashtags, channels, folders, and boards to make our content easy to find for others and ourselves based on the nature of the content.

Syndication is defined as:

1. the state or fact of being published simultaneously, or supplied for simultaneous publication, in a number of newspapers or other periodicals

2. content that is aired, or supplied for airing, on a number of media outlets in different places

AndShare CMS supports sending content to multiple destinations in multiple formats using the power of customizable syndication models.

AndShare CMS‘s application is very similar to services offered by Zapier and IFTTT, but with a more focused approach regarding content management, curation, formatting and syndication. We are a content management system first, and an events management system second.

AndShare CMS also takes a modern approach towards Large Language Models like OpenAI‘s ChatGPT to function both as formatting engines as well as quality control filters.

As a platform, we want to provide one of the world’s most powerful and widely used CMS that leverages language models to both generate and publish high-quality content.

Technology and Setup

Technologies used

The AndShare CMS is currently by popular JavaScript frameworks: NodeJS and NextJS/REACT.

The server is powered by NodeJS while NextJS / REACT powers the dashboard.

SQLite is used as a database to support communication between the server and the dashboard,

Hosting, Privacy, Security

AndShare CMS can be installed and maintained on a localhost network, or it can be installed on a cloud host that supports NodeJS.

Because AndShare CMS is self-hosted, private keys are in the custody of the user.

Application Design

Framework Architecture

The modular architecture of the AndShare CMS is based on two extendable frameworks conceptualized as Sensors and Syndication Models.


AndShare CMS provides support for curating content from and syndicating to any 3rd party service that offers API access.

Sensors are plug-and-play configurations that connect to 3rd party applications to listen for events to occur.

Below, we list a few sensor sources that make sense to monitor for content distribution commands:

  • Discord networks
  • Slack networks
  • Zulip networks
  • Telegram networks
  • Custom RSS feeds
  • Github repo commits
  • YouTube uploads

AndShare CMS Beta release we will release with a Discord Sensor that will listen to certain roles or individuals inside a Discord network. When these users post items that satisfy the trigger conditions, they will be imported into the AndShare CMS for publishing.

For example: If a Discord user with a special role (eg: curators) shares a URL with the special parameter &s appended to it, then the AndShare CMS would consider that item as qualified for curation and it will schedule the content for syndication using one or more syndication models associated with the trigger signal.

Click here to see a full-page image example of our Discord sensor.

Syndication Models

As participants of many social media networks, we’ve come to know that every potential distribution channel will require its own unique format in order to publish to it.

In the instance of a platform like Twitter / X the content must be under 180 characters and generally contains short commentary, a URL, and a series of hashtags.

Our syndication model framework takes an input passed over by a trigger event by one of our sensors and transforms the data into the appropriate format for review before publishing.

TwitterBasic: an included model

When AndShare CMS is released to the public it will be shipped with with two very basic models , one called TwitterBasic and another called DiscordBasic.

TwitterBaisc, given a URL, will analyze the contents of the URL, derive the title and the meta keywords and use them to craft a very basic status update that is richer than the URL alone.

Take the example below. It is a YouTube video URL that has been transformed into a status update by the TwitterBasic model.

This status update was generated by the TwitterBasic model included with the AndShare CMS. No LLMs were used. All tags and content were sourced directly from the URL shared inside a discord #music channel.

DiscordBasic: an included model

Our other model DiscordBasic allows you to re-post the content being shared in one channel to another channel in the same Discord network. This helps community managers distribute information to multiple channels in one publishing action.

TwitterGPT: an LLM-enhanced model

In our beta release one of our premium models will be our TwitterGPT model, which uses ChatGPT to analyze the content of an article and write a well-crafted and hash-tagged tweet, given just a URL. It is absolutely amazing what LLM’s are allowing content creators to do with just a little bit of input.

Here is an example of the TwitterGPT model in motion, given only a URL.

Pricing and Fundraising

AndShare CMS plans to operate on a GPL license while raising funds through gated features that interact with GBTI proprietary assets. These gated features will potentially include an auto-update feature that will relieve the need to manually run git update routines as well as access to the model library which will contain premium models and community-contributed models that can be installed from within the CMS.

We will also explore fundraising through sponsorships, profit sharing with 3rd party developer sales, grants, and donations.

We really want to hear your opinion about how the development of AndShare CMS should be supported in the survey at the bottom of this page.

Open Source, Developer Friendly

When developing the AndShare CMS, we have tried to apply developer conscience principles to our frameworks to make them as modular and extendable as possible.

We also know that a strong product ships with equally strong user and developer docs, so by the time we approach RC1, we hope to have a robust education base and an engaging community.

For the front end, our application leverages the power and flexibility of NextJS/REACT. This combination enables a seamless, dynamic user experience that can readily adapt to changes.

On the backend, we’re harnessing the efficiency of NodeJS. This combination approach allows us to start, stop, and monitor server activity from within our browser. Both the NextJS front end and the NodeJS backend share a locally hosted SQLite database.

By hosting the data locally, we can offer users a higher degree of privacy and security to our users. Your private data remains safely stored in an environment you own. Combined with our open-source, developer-friendly code, we believe this will foster a high level of trust and security among our users.

Who will be users the AndShare CMS?

  • Individuals/Hobbyist
  • Community managers
  • Developer relations managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Small business administrators
  • etc

The Road Ahead

To ensure we effectively navigate the complexities of releasing a product the right way, we’re embarking on an ambitious roadmap, moving from Alpha to RC release.

We are committed to using the information and feedback we gather through our user survey as well as through ongoing community interaction to inform our strategies and decisions at each stage.


To begin, we plan on using an OKR model to assist with the product development lifecycle.

ObjectiveKey Results
Finalize Alpha ReleaseFinalize Alpha prototype ✅
Finalize whitepaper for Alpha release✅
Develop video demonstration for Alpha release ✅
Develop lander for Alpha release ✅
Develop marketing plan for the Alpha prototype. ✅
Grow Interest LevelsCompile a list of web2, web3 influencers including people and social groups. ✅
Create a Social Engagement Plan for growing sphere of reach. ✅
Drive interested parties to participate in our market survey and beta program. ✅
Beta DevelopmentImplement Git Issue Strategy and Kanban Systems
Implement GitHub OAuth into the platform
Build Model store based on git user permissions
Develop Web2 API for accepting model purchases and elevating GitHub 
Create History NextJS View
Create Shell For Easy Launch
Investigate Launching AndShare in the cloud easily for customers who don’t want to localhost
Finalize Distribution and Monetization Strategy based on feedback collected. 
Develop Beta DocumentationDevelop Installation Guides
Develop Developer Documentation

Your Participation Matters

Your insights and feedback are precious to us. We encourage you to participate in our user survey below, helping us understand better how to serve you and the wider market during our release stages.

Together, we can create a product that truly meets the needs of our community and sets new standards in content syndication management.

Click here to register for our beta program (this requires participation in our market survey)

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey towards transforming the way curation outfits manage their syndication networks.

take the survey, and register for the beta program.